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Scottish Terrier dog sniffing cones for scent in nose work competition .jpg

Nose work - enrichment & fun

build a stronger bond with your dog and have a great time together!

Dogs love to sniff!

​They have a very keen sense of smell, which they use for orientation in their environment. There are over 100 million sensory receptors in the dog's nasal cavity and the area of the canine brain devoted to analyzing smells is 40 times larger than in the human brain. Dogs perceive the whole world mainly through their amazing sense of smell.

Nose work games make your dog happy because he can make use of his extraordinary nose. In my sessions, the dog is free to sniff around, but I also teach him to recognize particular odors in his natural environment and among distractions. For this purpose, I use natural eucalyptus and bay leaf hydrolates, which are very gentle and pleasant for the dog's sensitive nose.

Why is nose work beneficial to you and your dog?:

  • it’s a great mental stimulation and enrichment in your dog’s life

  • burns energy and gives the dog a sense of accomplishment

  • fulfills dog’s natural need to explore, hunt and search

  • empowers the dog to make his own choices

  • helps your dog gain self -confidence (perfect for fearful or reactive dogs)

  • strengthens the relationship with your dog

  • teaches you how to understand and read your dog’s body language

  • helps creating a wonderful dog-human team as you celebrate successes together


  • 45 min 55

  • 4 Sessions Package 200€

What to expect?

  • one-on-one nose work sessions with a human-dog team

  • training indoors and outdoors

  • fun exploration/ treat searches

  • scent work (eucalyptus and bay leaf hydrolates)

  • number of sessions customized to individual predispositions of your dog


My nose work sessions are just pure fun! However it’s also a good start for those, who want to do a warm-up with me before attending courses preparing for the nose work competitions

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