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Online Consulting

I can help you in following fields:

  • adopting from a shelter/ buying from a breeder

  • choosing a compatible dog breed

  • bringing a new dog home

  • choosing a vet

  • raising a puppy

  • basic obedience training

  • prevention of unwanted behavior

  • choosing compatible sports/activities for your dog

  • proper toys and accessories

  • senior dog care

  • traveling with dogs

The advantages of online consulting​:

  • full safety during COVID - 19 Pandemic

  • comfort (you can call from any place on earth with internet access, via Skype/Zoom)

  • flexibility (you can arrange a convenient time for you)

  • swiftness (date of meeting can be arranged even on the same day)


90 min 70€


60 min 55€

Online consulting is for you when:

  • you can't meet face to face or you live outside trainer's working radius

  • you look for advice on the internet, but one that will be adapted specifically to your dog's needs

  • you have completed one on one training course with Mysterious Dog but need further support

! Please consider:

Online consulting is primarily about how to raise and work with a dog in order to prevent unwanted behavior. If you have an existing  problem with your dog, a behavior consultation with a trainer at your home should be arranged as well

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