Dog training

What you will learn:

  • psychology of the dog

  • understanding canine body language

  • communication with your dog

  • responding to his/her needs

  • creating and strengthening a happy, balanced relationship with your dog

  • suitable activities and sports

  • raising a puppy, potty training

  • leash skills

  • providing an emotionally stable environment for your dog

What your dog will learn:

  • coming back when called

  • walking on a loose leash

  • reacting to commands properly (sit, stay, down, here, heel, fetch, leave it etc)

  • tricks (shake hands, high five, sit pretty, roll - over, spin etc.)

  • compatibility with other dogs, cats and children

  • how to be free from overexcitement and anxiety

  • focusing on you in distracting environments

How I work:

I use the positive reinforcement method. It is about rewarding good behavior instead of punishing unwanted action. Consequently, the dog associates the acceptable behavior with a reward and is more likely to repeat this activity in the future.

I provide one-to-one training customized to your needs. I adapt the training method to the character, temperament and individual predisposition of the dog. I will also help you find an attractive reward for your pooch.

At first I come to your place to see how you and your dog  interact. If there are problems you want to solve, I find a source of problematic behavior.

We work at your home, it's surroundings, and then in more difficult places where we can meet a lot of natural distractions.

Before we start training, make sure you are fully committed to practice with your dog by yourself too.

Price list for dog training


90 min 65 EUR


60 min 60 EUR


45 min 50 EUR

More about dog training service:​

  • working area: Berlin

  • outside Berlin: online consultations

  • each additional dog - prices determined individually

  • there is a contract to sign before we start training

! Please consider:

  • your dog should be registered in Germany, chipped, insured and have an up-to-date vaccinations

  • I support positive methods, so I won't use prong and choke collars or other form of force during training

  • if your dog shows aggressive behavior toward people, make sure she or he wears a muzzle at the first meeting


Mysterious Dog

Aneta Łukianow-Wrzosek

Berlin, Germany



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