My name is Aneta

I'm a Center of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) certified dog trainer, dog walker and pet sitter

Choose me for your four-legged friend and you will get a professional pet sitter & dog walker with many years of experience!


Here's how I work:


  • I always put your pet’s comfort first, I will respect his rituals and favorite activities as I believe in the importance of an individual approach to animals

  • I customize all the fun and activities to the character, temperament and individual needs of your pets. I know how to fulfill their natural predispositions related to your pet’s type/ breed

  • I have medical experience and first-aid certification. I notice when your pet behaves differently than usual or shows warning symptoms

  • I’m familiar with the body language of dogs and cats, I recognize signs of over excitement, fear or stress quickly

  • I know how to set healthy boundaries so that your pet has lots of fun with me but with respect to your home rules at the same time

  • If you have more animals at home, I will make sure that each of them feels comfortable and that there are no conflicts between them

  • I never use aversive methods or stimuli

  • I know when to call your dog, make sure he doesn’t run away or get lost

  • I am also a certified dog trainer. I have experience in taking care of fearful dogs and cats and the ones displaying aggressive behaviors or causing other behavioral problem

it all started when...

I drove to work and had car accident! was November 2011 and I was working over 6 years as a pharmaceutical representative in a polish pharmaceutical company. The accident wasn't so serious, but while sitting at home on sick leave I started to have an impression that I no longer feel like driving 300 km a day to convince pharmacists and doctors that the medication my company sells is so great. I was thinking - maybe it's just not for me. I needed a breath, a fresh start!

so first I dyed my hair red!:) and then it hit me.. I called my husband and said: Ok, no more selling, I want to do something that really fascinates me, I want to work with animals!
Why animals? Because being around them always made me happy and also: the simplest ideas in life are the best! Sounds cliche? Yes, of course!  but I decided to go for it :-)
so I gave up my corporate life to combine work with something that is way more fun! I completed a pet sitter course, then a dog training course, all to help you now, when you are looking for someone trained to take care of your pet professionally.
Let's meet!

I can't wait :)

in my free time
I travel to feed my eyes and stomach, take photos of architecture, street art and abandoned chairs, I paint and give a new life to old objects, I listen to music at concerts and festivals, I learn German :)

Meet my own pets!

  • Franek, brave and cheeky cat, in charge of my heart since 2007

  • Jutra, a rescue dog, Dutch Shepherd mix, an amazing adventure and challenge since 2013


Mysterious Dog

Aneta Łukianow-Wrzosek

Mobile: 01522-1436255



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