Aneta is a very warm person, who shows vast knowledge and professionalism. Already during the first contact we knew that we made the right choice. Aneta took care of our English Bulldog, Vito during our absence and during training, throughout which she managed to train us, the owners of Vito:) The acquired knowledge and skills allowed us to do a proper potty training with our dog, teach him important commands ( which he obeys both in the apartment and during the walks outside), overcoming his fears and phobias.

Aneta’s work is based on scientific knowledge, while not afraid to introduce innovative methods of training which we tried out with great results. Aneta’s positive training methods and her great ability to “read” dogs’ behavior convinced Vito that training can be fun and he willingly participated in all exercises and easily assimilated knowledge, despite his innate stubbornness.

We recommend Aneta as a professional and a responsible and committed person, but above all a loving animal trainer and pet sitter.

Majka, Mikołaj


Our lovely Jacques had a wonderful time with Aneta over an year while I and my husband both were very busy with full-time work. Aneta has provided such a great and professional caring service for Jacques while we couldn't fully concentrate on him during working time. She really took care of him with warm heart and she also provided us valuable advice for Jacques. We really appreciate therefore highly recommend her. Thank you very very much, Aneta! 

Johanna, Alexander


I have three cats. Whenever I was leaving for a few days and my cats had to stay at home, I used the services of Aneta. She visited them once a day, she was playing with them, petting them, cleaning the litter boxes, ventilating the apartment and watering plants. She took pictures of my girls at every visit and sent them to me via email or sms. I was always very satisfied with the services of Aneta, my cats too. Every time I was leaving, I knew that my three girls would be safe and well-kept during my absence. With full responsibility I recommend Aneta, she is an excellent pet sitter.



When we arranged a meet&greet with Aneta and had our first conversation I knew I found the right person to look after my dogs. That time we had two Great Swiss Mountain Dogs and a Labrador.

Aneta had a perfect way with our girls. She fed them and administered drugs. Aneta also organized their time in a very attractive and creative way, she invented interesting games and tricks. Thanks to her care our dogs didn’t feel badly about our absence, and we were confident that the dogs and our home are safe. We also received extensive reports of their activities several times during the day.

Without a shadow of a doubt we can recommend Aneta as a trustworthy, responsible, dutiful and decent pet sitter.

Kinga, Piotr


Aneta was taking care of my dog, Pchla for about half a year. Pchla is a small mongrel you will find quite fearful. She was rather slow in the process of socialization and very timid in relation to all, except me - the owner. Aneta took Pchla for a half-hour walk every day. It was always a good entertainment and it allowed Pchla not only to answer the call of nature but also to overcome her mistrust towards strangers. Since Aneta is a professional with a proper knowledge, I was sure that she would apply an appropriate approach to my dog. I was also sure that despite Pchla’s negative attitude, Aneta would help her to come out of shell.




Aneta was a wonderful pet carer, who looked after my rabbits wholeheartedly. She sent lots of pictures and messaged me every day about their welfare. She also played with my rabbits and it looked like they had heaps of fun.
I highly recommend her as a pet sitter and would definitely choose her as a sitter again.



I was using services of Aneta for about two years and I was impressed by her professionalism and her great love for animals. When my cat came down with a very serious kidney problem, Aneta took him to the vet clinic immediately. I prefer not to think what would have happened without her, but luckily I could always count on her help. I recommend her wholeheartedly, because your pet deserves the best care when you are not at home.



When I decided to leave my two cats in the care of pet sitter for the first time, I was worried whether my furry friends would be treated with the proper care and how Ziza and Peti would find in this new situation? After a long analysis I chose Aneta. The first meeting made me feel comfortable and calm. Specific questions about my pets and Aneta’s approach towards my girls convinced me that I had chosen perfectly. Every single day I received an exhaustive information about each visit, often illustrated with photographs. When I came back home, happy and well-kept cats greeted me. I say more - one of them (almost 15-years-old cat) was so frisky and happy, that I started to be jealous of the exceptional commitment and heart which Aneta put into the care of my girls. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a professional and emphatic pet sitter. From the first moment when Aneta meets your pet you can be sure that she understands and have a way with animals.



Aneta has been taking care of my dog - Fox Terrier Rudi for over 3 years.

She took Rudi for a walk always combined with the training sessions. Due to an exuberant nature of my dog, Aneta provided the proper amount of exercises and play.

Aneta is a very reliable and honest person with documented qualifications, which she proves in her daily work. I was always able to contact with her and she was willing to answer my questions, give valuable advices and carry out my additional requests.

In the last year due to Rudi’s disease, she administered medications and injections.

She always made me and my dog happy. She also supported me in difficult times like last June, when my dog passed away.

I hope that over the years of our cooperation she would remember me as good as I remember her.



I met Aneta when I was in need because of my frequent business trips. I was looking for a professional who was able to take a comprehensive care of my beloved Labrador Chivas. Due to health problems, Chivas must have been given a specific food and medications. Therefore it was so important for me to find a competent and experienced person who I could entrust not only the dog, but the whole apartment.

First we arranged a meet&greet. It was also an extensive interview about my dog’s temperament and my expectations of a pet sitter’s work. Everything took place as agreed, very professionally, yet in a loving and sensitive way with my dog.

We were using services of Aneta many times. I could always comfortably leave, knowing that Chivas has the best care in the world. Chivas was extremly pleased with playing, walking and having valuable learning sessions with Aneta. Everyday I received an SMS with the details about all activities they were doing together. I strongly recommend Aneta as a qualified, dutiful, responsible pet sitter, as well as a decent, warm and sensitive person with a great respect for people and a big heart for animals.



Aneta was a wonderful pet sitter! She has sent us tons of pictures of our cat while we were away for a couple of days. Both in the morning and the evening! Our cat is also quite picky about strangers and can sometimes be really shy around new people, but once Aneta entered the door, our cat greeted her happily.

We would totally recommend Aneta as a pet sitter. She is competent and super friendly with both humans and pets:)



Aneta was AMAZING!
She texted me everyday with updates and pictures. The animals were very well looked after and I genuinely felt like I knew where they were and what they were up to.
Highly recommend.
Not to mentioned that my home was spotless when I got back.

Anneka, Richard



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